Asset class consistently attractive

Silver is the new gold

Sustainable and social living

The social real estate market is dominated by the needs of the Silver Society

According to the latest projections, the nursing care crisis in Germany will be more explosive than previously assumed. Conservative calculations suggest that there will be around six million people in need of care by 2030. That will be over a million more people affected than previously assumed. The care and healthcare market is one of the world’s most lively markets and offers an astonishing amount of scope for active design, development and meaningful investment with a stable return on investment.

Market Potentials: Silver Society

Care reaches the middle of society

  • Proportion of the population living to a ripe old age is growing steadily
  • Average lifespan is increasing
  • Duration of potential need for care is increasing
  • Traditional family care at home is on the decline
  • Demand for household-related services is increasing
  • Qualitative demands on care and ambience are rising
  • The demand for care places is increasing significantly
  • Projected elimination of out of date objects

Top Invest Senior Living

Transaction volume at all-time high

  • Forecasted loss of out of date properties
  • Nursing homes remain most important segment, followed by assisted living and medical centers, both with strong growth
  • Demand for this contemporary form of living (assisted living+ asset class) is fully in line with the trend and is increasing
  • The low level of new construction activity remains a challenge due to the scarcity of available investment capital in the area of new construction developments
  • Healthcare real estate remains top yield leader compared with other asset classes

Our unique selling proposition

Success factors for sustainable investments

  • Direct access to suitable assets and contact with suitable operators
  • Secure investment pipelines through strategic partnerships in the health care market
  • Promotion of innovative forms of living with round-the-clock care for the new needs of the Silver Society