Sustainable, lasting and solid

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Our mission as investment advisor

Sustainable social infrastructure

Our direct access to the healthcare market gives us the opportunity to build stable and profitable real estate portfolios as well as to develop them ourselves with our long-standing network and strategic partners. We put the high requirements of social and environmental sustainability in the focus of your investments according to article 8 and 9 SFDR.

Social future

Investment strategies for the healthcare market

The aim of our services is to place your investment in sustainable and future-proof existing real estate as well as new real estate construction and revitalization projects in the area of social infrastructure. Our special expertise lies in real estate in the field of outpatient and inpatient care, senior living, other healthcare and social real estate such as rehabilitation clinics, medical care centers , day care facilities and child care centers.

Sustainable Investments

Our mission as investment advisor and fund initiator

For us, actively shaping the future means strengthening the social real estate sector in Germany through the steering effect of capital. Only by providing investment capital can the social infrastructure be expanded and the development of new, urgently needed capacities be supported. In this way, in addition to the investments, the investors not only make a social contribution but also enable the expansion and further development of new construction and revitalization projects, which represent important long-term added value for all of us in view of the United Nations’ climate goals (SDGs).

For professional investors

Our fund world is called fröhlich & gruen

With our Article 8 special real estate fund fröhlich & gruen SCA SICAV RAIF, we offer valuable and sustainable capital investments in sustainable social real estate with social added value. The focus is on ESG-compliant investments for assisted living, (day) care facilities, medical care centers and day care centers for children. The indirect fund investment offers a full-service package including all necessary management services.

Values of the future

Investing with societal added value

  • Innovative investment products for institutional investors – safe, contemporary, with valid target returns
  • Projects to improve social infrastructure – sustainable in the context of ESG efforts
  • Article 8 Fund product for the healthcare market – fröhlich & gruen SCA SICAV RAIF